Learn more about Seaside Cut Out Photo Boards

seaside cut out photo boards have a very colourful history. The actual full terminology though is of mostly British origin. As for face-in-hole boards or other similar terms, the origins are universal by nature. Traditional Britons, Americans, Japanese, French, and Russians have all demonstrated a flair for posting replaceable faces on hastily drawn outdoor murals at different points in history. 

Learn more about seaside cut out photo boards.

A Piece of History

For example, the very first person to experiment with the same concept would have been the caveman. On boring nights of which there were probably lots in those days, some smart man or woman in the cave probably thought of entertaining the kids by cutting out a hole from the head of a dried out wild animal skin.

The Original Selfie

This must have amused the children so much that it became the next best pastime, second only to drawing stick figures on cave walls. From this period onwards, humanity's fascination with head through the hole boards is definitely much older than the hills. Of course, the more realistic the drawing as well as the visual melding of the otherwise foreign head to the overall picture, the better.

Cutout Income Potential Dates As Far Back as the 19th Century

The first artist to achieve extreme realism in the then emerging folk art was Cassius Marcellus Coolidge in the late 19th century in the US. Coolidge sold postcards that made it almost impossible to distinguish the cutout faces from the bodies of the personalities depicted. So it's safe to say that it was during the period that the marketing and business opportunities of the so-called peep boards actually took off.

That Very English Contribution to the Folksy Art

The British are credited mostly for adding satire as well as some form of eroticism to the art form. Accordingly, many of these artistic expressions were either banned or quickly removed by the authorities just as soon as they came on display in the English beaches. These days, most of the censorship is on the way down.

The Great Cutouts and Selfies Combo

In fact, making a business out of selling or renting cutout images has become the order of the day. Top-quality printing is now employed especially if the drawings were to be used in weddings or other special events. Although they have not reached enough critical mass yet to dethrone the use of selfies in social media, many pundits strive to combine both technologies to increase their friends or follows.